Each wedding is unique.  I have flexibility built into each - so let's talk.

To get you started, my 2014 base price is $3500.

BTW, the basic package includes:

  • Eight hours of photography by the principal photographer.  
  • Typically starting with your preparations and going late into your evening.  
  • No limit on the number of pictures I take - typically well over a thousand.
  • Several days of follow-up editing & touch-up, selecting only the best photographs.
    • Typically 300 to 400 out of the thousand(s) or more, sometimes way more.
  • Creation of several on-line galleries - to view, download and/or order prints
    • (with a print credit of $150)
  • A stunning, art style coffee-table photo "proofbook".
    • Either all your 300 or 400 photographs or your favorite 100 shots - your choice.

There area a wide variety of other options & services are available "a la carte" for you to choose from.   Please contact me for all the details.