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Evocative images of delightful people making art.

Backstage/Backstory is about creating images from performing arts rehearsals.
Theatrical plays, musical gigs, even acting classes are the basis.

Rehearsals are where much of the creative and artistic expression is born.
Filled with their own drama, they are rich with a complexity rarely seen by audiences.
This is photo-journalistic image making but is not a documentary.
No lights, rarely costumed, shot mostly on plain stages.
However, it does use the energy of actors, singers, dancers, directors, musicians to capture how performances come to life.

Please understand, most of these folks have day jobs - citizen artists making art.

The groups involved have been universally enthusiastic about the results.

The project is privately funded and the performing groups can use the final images for their own promotions, at no cost.

Samples from each of the productions are at this link..

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