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I do fine art image projects these days, mostly black & white. Many of these are on this website. While these start as photographs, they become something more interesting and complex through post processing. The work might be better called image design and not photography.

In years past, I've done a variety of photography work, written non-fiction articles for magazines & web-zines and was a designer & manager in hi-tech companies. For a decade, I was also a visiting lecturer at Stanford University after receiving an MFA in Design there. That was while working full time at H-P. Great fun - multi-tasking at it's best. A Southerner by birth, I now live on the coast of New Hampshire, where the weather can be cold but the people are warm.  

Below is a curriculum vitae of sorts. 



The Derby Group, LLC - Freelance Image Maker
Program Director Business Continuity - IBM NUMA-Q Division
Infrastructure Director (IT, Real Estate, Facilities) - Sequent Computer Systems
Product Development, Manufacturing & Infrastructure Management - Hewlett-Packard
Industrial Designer - Hewlett-Packard, Stanford Division
Senior Mechanical Engineer, Ergonomist, Designer - Xerox Corporation

Visiting Lecturer - Stanford University - Design Division - 10 years

- Stanford University - Master Of Fine Arts - Product Design
- North Carolina State University - Bachelor of Product Design
- Stanford University - "Advanced Management College" & "Production Operations"
- International Development & Research Council - "Real Estate Economic Analysis" & "Strategic Planning"
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Harvard University - "Joint Program in Negotiations"
- Maine Media Workshops - Architectural Photography, Fine Art Printing
- Rochester Institute of Technology - Fine Art Photography